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Scott Stevens Tire and Auto Service

Understanding and preparing for the new payment experience.


The last year and a half has brought new challenges for small businesses and their customers alike. The pandemic has put a laser-like focus on safeguarding the cardholder payment experience and providing new ways or doing business. Scott Stevens Tire and Auto Service has been family owned and operated since 1988 and specialize in outstanding customer service. Navigating through the pandemic was challenging at first. Allegiance was there to help.


Allegiance assisted Scott Stevens Tire and Auto Service through our Zero Cost Credit program. With this program, you can add a fixed fee of up to 3.5% to your consumers’ credit card transactions to help cover your processing costs. Customers of Scott Stevens are given the choice to pay the fee if they choose to pay by credit card for rewards or convenience or they can use a debit card to avoid the fees.



Surcharging allows your business to pass credit card fees onto cardholders so you pay 0% on them.


The merchant surcharge program provides a seamless user experience, while ensuring your compliance to card brand guidelines.


The process is quick and easy on Allegiance’s Virtual Terminal. Customers pay in 3 simple steps.


  • Maintaining margins and increasing cashflow during uncertain times
  • Remaining compliant with card brand rules
  • Savings of over $2,000 monthly, $24,000 Annually
  • 100% Compliant
  • Customer satisfaction remains high

“Through the years, I accepted the fees associated to credit card processing as a cost of doing business. That was until Allegiance offered their Zero Cost Credit Program.

I was initially skeptical of surcharging customers. I had concern about losing loyalty and repeat business with our shop. But we found no resistance and very little change in buying behaviors. It’s business as usual.”

Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens Tire & Auto Services