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Our consultation guides you section-by-section through your statement, identifies areas for improvement, and provides advice for getting best costs.

Optimize Costs & Manage Downgrades

Lower Your Costs: Interchange – the fees paid to Visa, Mastercard and the other brands – represent about 85% of your total credit & debit card fees. Most businesses have downgraded transactions and aren’t aware of higher costs.

We partnered with Optimized Payments to automate the tracking of downgrades, including understanding their reasons. You can see the impact from fixing these downgrades, which oftentimes can reduce your fees by 50% or more.

Our staff will work with you to ensure you get the best possible costs.

Eliminate Your Fees Altogether

Pay Nothing to Process Payments: Remove all your credit card processing fees by adding a convenience fee of up to 4% at checkout. Your business can continue to accept multiple forms of payment while significantly reducing your monthly fees.

With Allegiance, you have flexibility. You can choose to surcharge credit and provide customers a no-fee option on debit. Or eliminate your fees altogether. And if you want to share in the cost, you can introduce a 2% fee at checkout. Allegiance gives you choices.

Our technology, know-how and passion for the customer helps companies to grow. Allegiance has built its industry-leading reputation by providing expert advice that maximizes profitability for its customers over the last 12 years.


View all card payments on one convenient dashboard to efficiently analyze costs, chargebacks, reconciliation and more.


Get beneficial insights through personalized dashboards, consulting, email alerts and support all provided by Allegiance.


The key to paying less is how you manage transactions that downgrade and drive-up costs. With our expertise in payment forensics, we will find the gaps and hidden fees.