More Revenue, Shorter Payment Cycles


Allegiance has the superior all-in-one platform that allows you to track and collect payments, communicate with patients, and integrate with Dr. Chrono. We partnered with Liquid Payments to provide automated, mobile and integrated processing and posting.

  • Process Payments using modern device technology
  • Improve cash flow and A/R cycles
  • Better manage recurring billing plans
  • Reduce cost and improve operational efficiency
  • Increase revenue
  • Result in more satisfied patients

Easy Set-Up

We use robotics powered by Liquid Payments to integrate to
Dr. Chrono Practice Management Software. Here’s how to get started!

You will need a dedicated computer of your choice for robotics and a unique user account in Dr. Chrono. See more details on hardware specifications here.

Programming robotics will require 2 weeks to complete set up.

Submit documentation to Allegiance through the form below.

Our technology, know-how and passion for the customer helps companies to grow. Allegiance has built its industry-leading reputation by providing expert advice that maximizes profitability for its customers over the last 12 years.


View all card payments on one convenient dashboard to efficiently analyze costs, chargebacks, reconciliation and more.


Get beneficial insights through personalized dashboards, consulting, email alerts and support all provided by Allegiance.


The key to paying less is how you manage transactions that downgrade and drive-up costs. With our expertise in payment forensics, we will find the gaps and hidden fees.