Join the AMS Team! Start a career with Allegiance Merchant Services.

Allegiance Merchant Services seeks “best of class”, award-winning candidates from ANY industry that LOVE taking care of clients and know how to exceed expectations. Our environment, while friendly, has HIGH expectations and ALWAYS seeks to win at the next level. IF you’re committed to learning, thriving and competing at your very best, RUN to send us your resume.

Please be a team player who ALWAYS does your part and doesn’t have to be asked. We’ll GLADLY teach you our industry if you can demonstrate that you’ve succeeded somewhere else. (We’ll ask you to prove it!) We don’t care what you’ve done before as long as you were very good at it! In fact, we don’t care if you have any previous sales, account support or office admin support experience at all. We will teach you how to be a SUPERSTAR.

Allegiance is looking for someone who makes a great first impression and has:

Excellent interpersonal skills that will engage internal and external customers.

A history of treating your job like you own the company.

Higher standards for yourself than we could ever dare suggest.

Experience bringing a “NO EXCUSE” attitude that doesn’t need to be coddled.

The ability and drive to understand how payment processing REALLY works and the passion to become a true expert, fully capable and willing to do what it takes to master our industry so you can discuss the needs of our valued customers and prospects.