Allegiance Merchant Services’ secure and convenient point-of-sale and gateway solutions work in table service, quick service and concessionaire restaurant environments. Value-added solutions like electronic check service and gift cards create new operational and financial efficiencies to help boost your bottom line.

Hospitality / Travel & Entertainment

Allegiance Merchant Services’ payment and gateway solutions interface with the leading property management systems, and deliver end-to-end encryption and tokenization technologies. Consolidate payment processing across your enterprise, including reservations, restaurants, retail shops, and services.


Over the next few years, EMV will act as a springboard for the implementation of a wide-range of innovative value-added smart card and mobile commerce applications. These applications will, in turn, provide a world of exciting possibilities for consumers, merchants and financial institutions.

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Cash Advance

This offers many advantages over the structure of a conventional loan, giving the merchant greater flexibility with which to manage cash flow, particularly during a slow season. Additionally, the ease, simplicity and speed of the application process are significant advantages of a merchant cash advance.

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The Greater Charlotte Hospitality & Tourism Alliance (HTA) has been the premiere voice of the region’s hospitality & tourism industry since it was established by the leaders of the industry in 1994. Learn more about our Association with the HTA.