Transform virtually any mobile device or Smartphone into a secure payment terminal.

Allegiance Merchant Services mobile applications allow you to leverage your existing mobile device and wireless carrier’s connection to easily and affordably process credit and signature debit card transactions – anywhere and anytime. If processing via your mobile device or Smartphone is not for you, we have solutions via dedicated mobile terminals. Allegiance Merchant Services has several technology options to support Mobile Processing. Each solution has unique advantages and features. We are experts at matching our customer’s needs and requirements with the right mobile technology to help them grow their business.
Virtual Merchant Mobile;

If processing via your mobile device or Smartphone is not for you, we have solutions via dedicated mobile terminals that even support EMV cards.

Turn Your Device into a Payment Terminal

VirtualMerchant Mobile gives you the ability to accept payments anywhere you go using your smartphone or tablet. The application works with most Apple and Android mobile devices. You can easily key-enter payment information or choose to add a secure card reader to process swiped transactions. Customers simply sign the screen and an electronic receipt is emailed to them. And because it’s an extension of VirtualMerchant, you have one source of information and support for all of your payment activity.

Why Go Mobile?

VirtualMerchant Mobile is for any size business needing to process transactions on the go. If you capture customer card data on the road and later key-enter it into VirtualMerchant, then VirtualMerchant Mobile will likely save you both time and money, while improving the sales experience for your customers. It can also be used at your location for payments during peak sales seasons, essentially creating a new payment terminal without the added expense. You can even capture and store Purchase Description, Invoice Number and Address details to provide detailed insights into payment activity.

Security at Your Fingertips

VirtualMerchant Mobile is an extension of VirtualMerchant, so all payment data and receipt information is stored in a secure data center, and away from your business. The optional card reader features encryption technology, ensuring that your customers’ data is secured from the time of swipe to the time of approval. And you have the ability to control which mobile devices are approved to submit transactions by utilizing a Device Management tool.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed before I can start accepting payments with VirtualMerchant Mobile?

In addition to a merchant account, you will need to be set up with access to VirtualMerchant and have a supported mobile device. You can download the VirtualMerchant Mobile App, which is available for free through Apple’s iTunes Store or Google Play. Optional card readers can be purchased if you want to process card–swiped (vs. key-entered) transactions.

I'm using VirtualMerchant. What do I need to do in order to gain access to VirtualMerchant Mobile?

If you are currently using VirtualMerchant, simply download the App and select the set up instructions link on the VirtualMerchant Mobile “VirtualMerchant” configuration screen. The VirtualMerchant Mobile User Guide will provide instructions to locate the user credentials and configure the mobile app. Alternatively, you can call 1-800-450-9125 for help with setup and configuration.

Where can I find the VirtualMerchant Mobile User Guide?

Here is the link to the guide: add document –“Virtual Merchant Mobile User Guide – Web” Or you can visit myvirtualmerchant.com and go to the Support link.

I mainly use VirtualMerchant in a mail order or telephone order environment, but would like to accept payments in person on my smartphone when away from my office.

You will want to discuss this with us so that we can assess your particular situation to determine if your Merchant Services and/or VirtualMerchant account configurations need to be updated or changed to allow you to take advantage of card-present processing.

Which types of mobile devices does VirtualMerchant Mobile work with?

At this time VirtualMerchant Mobile is supported on the following devices: Apple® iPhone 3G and higher, iPad 2 and higher, iPad Mini and iPod Touch, mobile devices supporting Google® Android 2.2 or higher

What are the card readers and how much do they cost?

We offer a variety of card readers. Please contact your sales representative or fill out the "contact me" form for pricing and to order card readers. Card readers are encrypted for security reasons, and therefore must be purchased through Allegiance Merchant Services.

What payment types are supported through VirtualMerchant Mobile?

VirtualMerchant Mobile supports credit card and signature debit ("check card") transactions.

What transaction types are supported?

VirtualMerchant Mobile supports Sale and Pre-Authorization transactions. Additional transaction types, including voids and credits can be accessed by logging into VirtualMerchant through any web-enabled browser.

Is the VirtualMerchant Mobile App secure?

Yes. Payment information is never stored on or accessible through the device. In addition, the App is password protected to prevent unauthorized access and all supported card readers encrypt the card data to ensure that cardholder information is protected and never at risk.

Can I provide receipts for customer?

VirtualMerchant Mobile allows you to easily configure receipts to be emailed to your customers. A record of the transaction is also accessible to through the VirtualMerchant user interface. It does not support a receipt printer.

Can I obtain the customer signature in the App?

Yes. You can capture your customer signature in the App. That signature is then stored with the transaction in VirtualMerchant. Signature Capture is allowed in card-present environments only at this time. When you are setting up VirtualMerchant, please make sure you have your account configured correctly to take advantage of signature capture.

Can I include a tip with a sale?

Currently VirtualMerchant Mobile does not support the acceptance of tips. The total sale amount would need to be entered at the time of authorization. There are plans to add the support of tips in the near future.

What happens if a call is received during a transaction?

For security purposes, if a call is received during a transaction, the App will close and the user will be prompted to answer or decline the call. When the call ends, the App will prompt the user to reenter their password and reinitiate the transaction.