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Making the Most of Your Promotional Cards

Get ready for new customers to come through your door! Promotional cards offer an innovative, targeted and cost-effective way to extend your marketing efforts, attract new customers and generate additional revenue. Because costs are limited to the nominal expense of the plastic cards themselves and the pre-loaded value isn’t realized until the card is used, you can save thousands of marketing dollars over print or web-based advertising.

How Promotional Cards Work

With promotional card campaigns, you can load a small dollar amount on a set of cards through your online Business Dashboard. Distribute the cards in your community, at schools, parks, local events or even other businesses to invite new shoppers to visit your business. Once a new customer gets the chance to sample your product or service, you have the opportunity to impress them with your unique offering – and keep them coming back!

Here are some ideas to kick-start your promotional card program:

  • Mystery Card — Load each card with a different amount (at least $5 on each, but a few at $25, $50 or higher) and hand out or mail to prospective customers.
  • Grand Opening/Store Relocation — Load cards ($5-50) and hand out at the grand opening to be redeemed only on a future visit or hand out before your move and require that they can only be redeemed at the new location.
  • Gift with Purchase — Offer a bonus card of $5-$25 when a qualifying purchase is made (either a specific/featured item or based on the total value purchased).
  • Lay-Away/Savings Card — Encourage customers to load value on a card as they can afford it to save up for the items they have on hold.
  • Customer Appreciation Rewards – Thank existing customers and reward them for coming back with a promotional card to use on their next trip.
  • Birthday Reward — Send $10-$50 cards to clients to use during the month of their birthday
  • Community Awareness Programs – Donate promotional cards to local churches, schools, and other non-profits as fundraisers. New customers are sure to visit your business.
  • Meet Your Neighbors – Partner with local restaurants or other businesses to reward their customers with promotional cards that drive traffic to your business. Provide promotional cards to your neighbors to share with their customers at check-out.
  • Customer Service Program – Promote goodwill by using promotional cards to turn an unhappy customer into a repeat customer.
  • Merchandise Returns – Create a merchandise return program that keeps money spent in your store by providing in-store credit for merchandise returns. Not only are customers likely to use the card, there is a good chance they will spend more than the value of the return.
  • Welcome to Town - Offer promotional cards for half the face value to local realtors and apartment leasing offices to give as gifts to their newly signed clients—people new to the area are looking for places for shopping, dining and services. You earn a new referral channel, upfront money and new customers.