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Kick Your Loyalty Program into High Gear!

It is one thing for a business to say "thank you" to customers or to print it at the bottom of a receipt. It’s quite a different “thank you” experience to offer your buyers special rewards and offers for doing business with you. Your fanfare loyalty program can do just that.

Give Your Customers A Head Start. And Tell Them About It.

One way to help encourage your customers to become loyalty members is to give them a head start. With the Fanfare program, you have a couple of options: You can give customers an enrollment offer (for example $5 or 10% off their purchase) that they can redeem right at checkout as a thank you for joining your program. Or, you can provide an online registration offer. Any loyalty member that sets up their online account can claim a reward the next time they make a purchase. In either case, make sure to let customers know up front that these promotions are available – and that their very first purchase earns them loyalty credit.

Make sure your staff is prepared.

Customers are more likely to participate if they understand the value of your program and how easy it is use. Create a short introduction that your team can quickly communicate to customers in a consistent way. Make sure everyone on your staff can talk about your program and is committed to promoting it. Without your team’s active involvement, you might miss some of the people you’re most interested in reaching. Have a friendly daily, weekly or even monthly contest to see who can enroll the most loyalty members. You can even offer a gift or promotional card to the top performers!

Promote your program – everywhere!

  • Set up your Fanfare marketing display at checkout and throughout your store. Display your cards and card carrier near your terminal to encourage last minute gift card purchases.
  • Visit our Fanfare webpage for promotional items you can download, add your brand and print. Options include “bag stuffers” or small postcards to put in every shopping bag that leaves your store.
  • Ask every customer to join your program! The loyalty prompts and screens on your terminals are there to help, but no one can build loyalty to your business like you can. Put your unique loyalty Member Website on your webpage… and your Facebook page, your business card and even your stationary.
  • Send a Tweet on behalf of your business and announce your new program - maybe include an offer to join your program
  • Encourage customers to visit your loyalty Member Website link. Be sure to highlight or circle the link that’s printed at the bottom of every receipt.

Let your offers reflect your business

For small businesses, customer loyalty is founded first and foremost on great service, a personal greeting, and the tried and tested quality of your products or services. So think of ways you can make your incentives and rewards as unique as your business. Offers that invite loyal customers to a unique event that only you can provide are more successful than a general freebie anyone can claim. These kinds of experiences add value to your customers’ lives, help your business stand out and give customers reason to keep coming back.