With Allegiance Merchant Services, accepting checks has never been so convenient and cost-effective. ECS converts paper checks into safe, efficient electronic transactions that are processed with the speed and ease of credit card transactions. Gone are manual check reconciliations, time-consuming trips to the bank, and the hassles of check collections.

ECS is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Our industry-leading product enables you to accept both business and personal checks, while choosing the best point-of-sale configurations, risk mitigation service levels, and imaging options to match your operating needs. We are confident that we can customize an electronic check service that meets your specific needs.


ECS supports real-time financial processing for all checks by automatically and systematically leveraging three processing methods.

  • Direct DDA Access – Reaches more than 30 percent of consumer checking accounts through a realtime debit gateway.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Processing – Clears checks drawn on non-participating DDA banks through the ACH network.
  • Check Replacement Document (CRD) Processing – Processes business checks and exception items through the banking system.
  • Remote Deposit Capture for checks.

Service Levels

Choose the right mix of security and convenience to significantly reduce check fraud and collection hassles. Plus, Allegiance Merchant Services automatically handles the returns process, keeping you financially whole throughout the process.

  • Conversion with Guarantee – The check amount is guaranteed. No more paperwork or collections.
  • Conversion with Verification – ECS verifies that the check is “good.” You retain the risk for returned items for all processed transactions.
  • Conversion with Verification & Collections – Offers all the advantages of conversion and verification, while eliminating the need for merchants to perform collections.
  • Conversion Only – The check is converted and processed without risk services.
  • Custom Combination – Custom-designed risk programs are available, consisting of any combination of services.

Image Checks

At the point of sale or take advantage of Allegiance Merchant Services’ ability to separate the imaging process from the financial transaction.

  • Point of Purchase (POP) – Through use of a check imager at the point of sale, each check is converted to an electronic transaction and imaged for archival and retrieval purposes. The voided check is handed back to the customer.
  • Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) – Used for check present/consumer absent transactions, which are typical of receivable payments.
  • Cash Office Imaging (COI) – Checks are authorized and processed via existing MICR check readers at the point of sale, while imaging is handled separately in your back office, using a high-speed batch imager.
  • Outsourced Imaging – Like the COI option, check imaging is performed separately from electronic authorization and clearing. However, your own central location or an Allegiance Merchant Services processing site performs the check imaging instead of your back office.

POS Solutions for Electronic Checks

The power, flexibility, and convenience of ECS can be a great asset to your business. Whether you use terminals, software, or an integrated solution, ECS is compatible with a range of point-of-sale payment acceptance devices.

  • Terminal Solutions – Use your existing POS payment terminal and simply attach a check imager.
  • All-in-One Terminal – Accept cards, authorize, and image checks in one operation at the point of sale.
  • PC-Based Software Solutions – Connect a check imager and use one of our powerful software payment solutions if your point-of-sale system is PC-based.
  • Integrated POS Solutions – Accept checks as seamless as other forms of payment when you integrate ECS with your POS register system. Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing clears checks drawn on non-DDA participating banks.
With Allegiance Merchant Services, you company will be able to accept checks by phone/fax, internet and can convert paper checks to electronic checks. We also provide check recovery services and solutions.