Our Payroll Card Program can help you reduce your payroll-related expenses while also providing a safer, more convenient way for your employees to receive their pay.

How It Works

Each payday, your employees’ net pay is automatically deposited to their personalized, re-loadable payroll card. The payroll card allows them to access their funds 24 hours a day at ATMs and at any merchant that accepts debit cards. The payroll card is a prepaid debit card, not a credit card; each time the card is used, the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance.

Practical Uses

Your business can benefit from using payroll cards in a number of situations, including:

  • If you want to increase your employees’ use of direct deposit, but have been unable to do so because a large number of employees don’t have bank accounts;
  • If you are concerned about your employees’ ability to deposit or cash their paychecks and the safety of carrying large sums of cash.

Agricultural, manufacturing and service-related businesses – such as restaurants, landscapers and temporary staffing firms – are among the many companies that are increasingly using payroll cards to pay employees.

Benefits for Your Business

With the Payroll Card Program, you can greatly reduce the time you spend preparing your payroll and possibly reduce or even eliminate many payroll-related expenses, including:

  • Payroll check printing, processing and distribution costs
  • Lost/stolen check replacement fees
  • Stop payment fees
  • Payroll check fraud

Instant issue PIN cards are also available for organizations that have a need to disburse funds immediately to employees.

Benefits for Your Employees

Payroll cards are a convenient and safe way for your employees to receive their pay. They no longer need to carry large amounts of cash, run the risk of a paycheck being lost or stolen, or worry with the hassles and fees of check-cashing.

With a payroll card, your employees will be able to:

  • Make point-of-sale purchases anywhere debit cards are accepted.
  • Get cash back at the point-of-sale at participating merchants.
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.
  • Access account information and receive assistance 24/7 via bilingual customer service number.
  • Initiate bill payments and international money transfers (via customer service)
  • Sign up to receive text alerts