Do you process P-Cards? Do you use Quickbooks? Would you like your credit card processing partner to integrate with you CRM and other business software?

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Does your company process P-cards?

Using a Level-3 processing gateway and data could lower your processing costs.


What is Level-3 Processing?

P-Card Knowledge – Level 3 Purchase Card Data

“Level-1” card data is typically associated with consumer transactions and provides limited purchase data back to the cardholder.

“Level-2” data adds more information to benefit the corporate/government/industrial buyer, but the number of fields is limited because of the restricted data capture capabilities provided by most hardware-based POS terminals.

“Level-3” (also known as Level III) line item detail, which is equivalent to the information found on an itemized invoice, requires greater system capability and is provided through 3Delta Systems’ payment applications. Including this level of detail can help transactions qualify for lower rates.


Comparative Example*

Data Type Level-1 Level-2 Level-3
Merchant DBA Name      
Transaction Amount (Total)      
Tax Amount    
Customer Code (25 Char)    
Merchant Postal Code    
Tax Identification    
Merchant Minority Code    
Merchant State Code    
Ship from Postal Code  
Destination Postal Code  
Invoice Number  
Order Number  
Product Code  
Product Commodity Code  
Product Description  
Product Quantity  
Product Unit of Measure  
Product Extended Amount  
Freight Amount  
Duty Amount  


(*)This table is provided only for illustrative purposes and should not be construed as a listing of all the possible fields associated with each data level or that every processor will support all the possible data elements.