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Additional Fees

As well as the discount and transaction fees on sales volume, a business may pay statement fees, online batch access, gateway fees, and a PCL fee. Discount fee minimums are generally imposed,only very low volume merchants will be affected by a minimum fee.

Interchange Plus Pricing

Three Tier Pricing

Understanding Rates And Fees

Setting Up a Merchant Account

What Is A Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a bank account that permits a business to accept credit and debit cards as payment for products and services. They act as a contract between the business owner and the bank with rules and regulations about how products and services are sold and paid for. Generally, it can be used for accepting payments through an e-commerce website.

How Does A Merchant Account Work?

Advantages Of A Merchant Account?

What Equipment Will I Need?

Check Readers

Using a check reader can take the risk out of accepting checks by converting them into an electronic transaction.

Pin Pads

Wireless Terminal

IP Terminal

Landline Terminal

POS Integration