Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Account

Authorize.Net Logo We are proud to offer online payments through our partner, Authorize.Net®, a leading provider of payment gateway services since 1996. Authorize.Net manages the complex routing of transaction data from your business to the credit card and electronic check payment processing networks, ensuring secure and reliable deposit of funds into your merchant account.


Online and Manual Payments

  • Accept online payments via your website.
  • Enter telephone and mail orders through the included Virtual Terminal.

Payment Types

Customer Checkout

Receive Payments Quickly

Online Account Management

Technical Support


Risk Management

Fraud Prevention

Billing Services


file_acrobat Merchant User Guide – Overview

file_acrobat Solution Sheet


Authorize.Net Integration Guides

The guides include an updated Advanced Integration Method (AIM) Developer Guide, an updated Server Integration Method (SIM) Developer Guide, and a new merchant-focused guide, the Merchant Integration Guide.

The AIM and SIM Developer guides are technical in nature and likely more appropriate for developers or merchants with a strong technical aptitude. The Merchant Integration Guide focuses on the settings in the Merchant Interface that a merchant can and should configure.

AIM Developer Guide

SIM Developer Guide

Merchant Integration Guide ~ Mobile User Guides
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