Maybe one of the reasons made/will make you buy Madrid, is that you can assign  Skins to any page in your website. and Here in this section I will guide you through How to make a new skin and assign it to your Page/Category/.


Create New SkinCreate New Skin

  • In Your Admin Panel, Go to Skins Templates-> Add New Skin
  • Add the Skin Template Name

Here is some info about the Options Available in each skin


  • Choose The default Header: Choose the header for this skin
  • Choose The default Footer: Choose the footer for this skin
  • Page Layout: Choose The page layout Full Width or Boxed for this skin.
  • Add the color settings “Primary Colors, Text color etc”
  • Add the Background settings “Body Background, Main background”
  • Add the fonts settings for this skin.
  • Click Publish/Update.

Assigning Skin to Page/ArticleAssigning Skin to Page/Article

Go to the page/article edit page, and choose the skin from the styling section.

Assigning Skin to CategoryAssigning Skin to Category

In Theme Options Go to Category and Click on Add New Special Settings for Category

Choose the Skin / Icon and settings for the category page “and its articles if enabled”