Building PortfollioBuilding Portfollio

To Build your portfolio page, Please follow the following instructions:

  • Go to the main Admin panel
  • Go to Pages-> Add new page
  • Click on Insert shortcode 
  • Select columns_grid
  • Choose your settings (we will explain below)
  • Click on Generate
  • Copy the generated code ana paste it in the content area
  • From General Settings choose your Layout Style as Full width
  • Click on Puplish / Update

Portfolio SettingsPortfolio Settings

  • Post Type: Select the post type you need “Normal Post, Portfolio or Team”
  • Post Category: Add the Category ID if you want to see a specific category, leave blank for all categories
  • Item Height: Select the Item Height type you need “Fixed, Flexible” in case you choose Item Shape: square
  • Item Shape: Select the Item Shape type you need “Square, Circle, Square(Metro), Octagon”
  • Column Count: Choose the column count of your layout
  • Number of Posts Per page: Choose the Number of Posts Per page of your layout
  • Paging Method: Select the Paging Method you need “False (No pagination), Ajax load (load more posts without reloading the page), Numerical (regular pagination method)”
  • Order By: Choose the parameter you want to order based on “to order based on likes, votes, rating  choose Meta Value Based and choose the other parameter below”
  • Meta Value: Select the Meta Value you need “Views Count, Likes Count, Rating Average”
  • Show Child Categories: Show subcategories or not in the filter
  • Make the Grid Filterable: If Yes, the upper bar will filter the posts based on it category, if No the category will contain a direct link of its page
  • Show Posts Count beside every Category: Show Post Count beside each category
  • Show the filter bar “Upper Bar”: Enable/Disable the filter bar.